Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment and review the Frequently Asked Questions below. These are common questions and answers related to Gem-Pet and the pet death industry.

  1. Why do I need a Gem-Pet Gemstone?
  2. Is this only for the wealthy? Will I be able to afford it?
  3. Is this the right time considering the state of the Economy?
  4. Is this a Fad? It sounds like a Fad.
  5. Is this a need? I feel it's a want and not a need.
  6. How do you support the long-term success of this company?
  7. How do you know it will succeed?
  8. What are the options for investment?

  1. Why do I need a Gem-Pet Gemstone?
  1. Solace: Every human needs solace. How one wants to satisfy that need, and how much one wants to spend on fulfilling that need, is up to each individual.
  2. Status: Status-conscious individuals take pride in the products they use and own. While pets are family members, they and the treatment they receive are signs of status. A memorial diamond is something to be sought after, to be shown and shared among peers.
  3. Convenience: Gem-Pet is a cleaner, easier way to handle the eventuality of pet death. Gem-Pet handles all the logistics of pet death from cremation to product delivery, providing compassionate customer service along the way.
  4. Value: Gemstones have a real, intrinsic value. Unlike traditional memorial objects, gemstones have both sentimental AND real value, making them true heirloom assets.

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  1. Is this only for the wealthy? Will I be able to afford it?

There is a direct relationship between income and the size/value of memorial services and objects. There is also a direct relationship between the significance and emotional impact of a relationship on one's everyday life and the investment of time and money put into memorializing that relationship after death. It is true that diamond creation and cutting is an expensive process, and a 3 carat diamond may not be the right solution for your finances. This in mind, Gem-Pet offers a variety of pet memorial products for all households, priced from $150 up to $100K.

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  1. Is this the right time considering the state of the Economy?

Even if the economy is suffering, pet-human relationships will still exist. 99% of pet owners consider their pet a member of their family, and are treated as such.

"If pets are considered part of the family-and are treated as such-we think this [the pet industry] should be able to weather the negative economic issues that are currently hurting most retailers," Standard & Poor’s analyst Michael Souers wrote in BusinessWeek, July 2008.

In every analysis we've read about the economics of the pet industry, the industry is characterized as 'recession resistant'.

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  1. Is this a Fad? It sounds like a Fad.

The ongoing relationship between human and pets is not a fad. The average fad lasts three years. In comparison, archeologists have dated man's cooperative relationship with wolves to 12000 BC. Humans are great at building relationships with animals, and since 1980, Americans have demonstrated a significant growth in pet ownership and pet spending.

Gem-Pet will start like a fad. It will have significant media ballyhoo and plenty of initial hype. Surveys indicate that the product will achieve widespread acceptance, and 75%+ of pet owners are interested in one or more Gem-Pet products. With widespread acceptance, Gem-Pet becomes a trend opportunity, encouraging worldwide societal change in pet death memorialization.

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  1. Is this a need? I feel it's a want and not a need.

Solace (removal of stress, anxiety, grief or dispair) is a human need and not a want. We start with our first teddy bears in the crib, and we continue forward with rock collections, cars, sports, religion and pets. Stress relief and comfort comes from our relationships with these items, and pets are perhaps the most popular and most rewarding on this list. The need to memorialize our beloved pets has grown, while the pet memorial industry has only shown minimal advancement.

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  1. How do you support the long-term success of this company?

Gem-Pet is focused on the pet industry. Since the early 1990's, we have seen significant growth of the entire pet industry, with double-digit growth in luxury pet spending. Substantial growth, along with nearly everyone valuing pets as family members, indicate that Americans define the pet industry more as a need and less as a luxury than even 10 years ago. Pets are more prevalent, have better status and treatment, and yet the $150M pet death industry has not experienced significant advancement in the last 2 decades. The only demonstrated change in the pet death segment is a continuing trend towards higher cremation rates, begging the question, 'What do we do after cremation?' Culturally perceived, keeping ashes is an archaic and creepy practice, begging for a technological advancement.

Gem-Pet has a revolutionary selection of cleaner, more attractive, more socially acceptable products to replace urns and other outdated methods of memorialization.

Gem-Pet Factors for Success Equation:

Gem-Pet Products + Lack of innovation in pet death services + Need for Solace + Desire for Status, Convenience and Value + Recession Resistant Industry = Gem-Pet Success

Other competitive advantages for Gem-Pet Products versus traditional methods include cleanliness, attractiveness and greater social acceptance.

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  1. How do you know it will succeed?

Over the last decade, compelling demographics and lifestyle trends in a recession-resistant industry have made the pet industry one of the healthiest in America. Driven in part by increased pet ownership by groups with disposable income, coupled with the strong attitudinal trend of humanizing pets, spending on luxury items is still one of the strongest growth markets.

The estimated $41.7 billion of pet industry spending in 2008 is almost twice that of the $22.3 billion in 2000, and the current state of the pet industry is described as "healthy, premium and functional." Furthermore, existence of a successful similar company, and their growing revenue towards the $10M mark.

LifeGem, which provides a similar service for humans, reported a gross income of $7.5M for 2006. According to the LifeGem entry on WikiPedia.com, "LifeGem is experiencing more calls coming in from international customers in Japan, the Netherlands and Australia. Projections for 2007 included an increased sales of 15% to 20%... And experts in the field of grief recovery have stated that the 'gag reflex' criticism to LifeGem will not be enough to cause LifeGem or any imitator that comes along in its wake to fail."

Over the last 20 years we have seen huge growth in the perceived value of the pet-human relationship. Why haven't we seen an equal and parallel increase in the effort and money put into memorializing these relationships? While death-related spending has increased, it has simply not kept pace with growth seen in other segments of the industry. The lack of attractive solutions in this pet death market must be noted. No other company has yet come onto the scene in a big way to supply the products and services to fulfill this underserved market.

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  1. What are the options for investment?

Gem-Pet LLC is currently seeking $770K in investment capital. We are accepting investors starting at $50K. This is a limited private stock release, opened on September 8, 2008. We aspire to close this stock release on December 31, 2008.

We are currently accepting the Gem-Pet Board of Directors, which includes stock opportunities. If you are a key player in the industry and would like to contribute or learn more, please contact us here.

We are currently accepting resumés for employment. Are you amazing and incredible at what you do? Please review Gem-Pet jobs here.

We are currently accepting advisors in the Veterinary, Pet and Legal industries. We want to hear from you. Please contact us and we'll gladly accept your professional opinions. There is no "I" in TEAM.

Contribute for Free! Tell your friends and family. Get more people interested in this idea. Gem-Pet needs their support and professional advice. If you can really help us, we'll reward you with $$$.

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