About Us

About Us

Gem-Pet was founded in 2004 with one intention; to revolutionize the pet memorial industry.
Gem-Pet provides top-quality synthetic gemstones manufactured with the ash of your beloved pet.
Gem-pet was created by pet owners for pet owners. Pets are an integral part of human life, and the relationships we create with our pets are some of the deepest and most meaningful relationships in our lifetimes.

Gem-Pet™ provides top quality synthetic gemstones manufactured with the carbon of a pet’s remains. Placing graphite carbon under extreme pressure and heat, a synthetic gem press produces diamonds and other precious stones that are chemically identical to their natural counterparts. Not only does Gem-Pet provide a fascinating consumer product, it operates as a manufacturer of synthetic gems for science, industry, and other retailers thus operating two profitable revenue models at once.

A Gem-Pet™ Gemstone is a synthetic gem produced using the actual carbon from a pet's body,
making it a beautifully unique and personal object.

Gem-Pet™ products propose to not only fill a niche in the marketplace, but to shift from commonplace methods of handling ashes to a clean, attractive and socially accepted way of memorializing a pet.

Our educational objective is to advocate that Gem-Pet™ Gemstones are a preferable alternative to burial and traditional cremation. We intend to promote the acceptability and popularity of the Gem-Pet™ Gemstone as the premier exclusive pet memorial.

Keys to Success

  • Customer service
  • Quality control & assurance
  • Strong untraditional marketing plan
  • Sociology & media experience
  • Strong affiliations & grassroots support/sales network

Gem-Pet™ Quality and Professionalism

  • Gem-Pet™ will establish a precise tracking system to maintain control of inventory and accurate production.
  • Gem-Pet™ will institute an extensive quality control procedure for overseeing the manufacturing process. This is to ensure an acceptable gem quality and to make sure each stone is created with the ashes of a single animal, correctly matched to the pet's owner.
  • Gem-Pet™ will establish a customer service department to answer inquiries and attend to customer needs.

Gem-Pet™ is currently seeking a Board of Directors.
Please contact us with any questions!